Intro to Our Messy Life


I’m Rebecca, and this is my little introduction to my messy life. I am a married, God fearing, wannabe vegan, derby playing, mother to four messy little evils. Two of them are homegrown, and two are on loan, so to say. I call them all my evils, but they make my life worth living and me thanking God every day.

Mark and ICurrently I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I say currently because I will eventually be going back to work….grudgingly. That will be when I get my break in the day from dirty laundry, floors, and tables; changing diapers; and the “why’s” and “no’s” that fill my day. It will be a sad day. But, until then, I will continue to enjoy my little freckles and my dirty laundry. (See how I tried to tie in the blog title there…he he.)

Here is my family. There’s my oh so darling and never obnoxious husband, Mark. He is a great dad, my best friend, and a God sent blessing to my life. Of course, there are times when I want to beat him over the head with a pool noodle (and may do time to time — very safe way to beat a person, let me tell you 😉 –No I do not promote most violence, just the playful kind.)

Silly Girl

Then there’s my silly, too smart for her own good, sweet and sassy daughter, Emma. She is my first pride and joy and a force to be reckoned with. With most school work completed above all of her peers, the procrastination and distracted mind of her parents, and the athletic talents of her mother (which means none), Emma is all girl and will go far in life…if she completes what she’s doing.

Dirty Man 2

And here is my Gabe. He’s dirty; half naked; and with a bat and ball, which means he’s having a blast. I always knew boys were crazy, and he proves it. He likes to climb, jump, bite, fight, and pretty much scare me and drive me crazy. He’s definitely made me say things I’d never thought I’d say such as “no don’t pee on my window” and “stop pretending to pee on people.” He likes to kill bugs and then bring them to you. He’s all boy, and surprises me everyday.

Then, there’s my big man and little man. They are my loaners and will be with us for as long as they need us and God blesses us with their presence. Sadly, you can’t see them, but just know they are beautiful. Little man can get almost anything with his big brown eyes, and big man has a smile that will light up your day. They are much like Gabe, and are all boy. The three of them are gonna make me crazy eventually.

Over the last few years I’ve had a goal to make more and more at home. This hope has come from many different directions that ultimately lead to the desire for homemade. To me homemade means less chemicals, less preservatives, less packaging, and hopefully less money. It mean more money, more independence and freedom, more originality, and more love. I have found that I love homemade. I get excited when I make something for the first time and when it works or taste the way I’m hoping for it to be. My desire with this blog is to share my endeavors with you, whomever you may be. Each week I’m going to work towards posting one edible recipe and one household item. This may include full meals, snacks, desserts, cleaners, clothing, crafts, and any other household goods.  I’ll then give my thoughts on how it worked or didn’t work and if I thought it was worth it. Feel welcomed to comment on any post or contact me to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for joining me and welcome.

PS: Laundry Count – One and a half loads of dirty, one load of clean need to be sorted, and one load of sorted need to be put away.  Hmmm….maybe tomorrow. 🙂


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