Camping and Laundry Sauce

We went camping this past weekend with friends for the 4th of July. We sat around a fire and roasted marshmallows. My kids swam with my husband in a nasty river (in clothes as our bathing suits were left at home :/). We rode ATVs down dusty and muddy paths. I even got myself flung into a mud pit while rolling our friends’ ATV on its side (it was incredibly fun — myself and the ATV are okay). Needless to say, we had fun and got dirty. Then, to top it off, showers cost $1 for six minutes. One thing you will learn is that I am cheap. Like, don’t call the ambulance drive me to the hospital cheap. I gave each kid a baby wipe bath each night, and we brought all that dirt into our beds. After we got home and unloaded, it dawned on me that tonight and tomorrow would be laundry days—ugh. We not only have our family’s clothes (remember the wet ones), but we also have all of our bedding. See, I don’t like sleeping bags. I actually despise them. Being as this is the case, we take many comforters, pillows, and extra blankets. All of which, are now covered in dirt and dust. Fun times right.


Why can't the fun come w/o the clean up?!?

Why can’t the fun come w/o the clean up?!?

All this leads into how to deal with that dirty laundry. A while ago I made a powdered laundry detergent. My dear husband didn’t care for it and insisted on going back to All (his favorite).  I, however, have always felt like we go through so much detergent that we need to figure out a way to curb that cost.  I was looking at trying a liquid recipe and hoped that he would like it better because it was the same texture as All.  (I know that wouldn’t work, but whatever, it was worth a shot).  While doing a quick Google search, I found oh so many that require a lot of space. I’d like to say that I have space issues, but I don’t. To be honest, I have impatient and impulsive issues. And, I did not want to wait to go find a five gallon container. Another Google search later (I love Google, who doesn’t right!?), and I found this Laundry Sauce from Budget 101. All I needed for storage was two quart size mason jars. I knew I saved those old spaghetti jars for a reason! The difference between the liquid recipes and this laundry sauce is that you omit the liquid that turns the whole deal into five gallon bucket size. (Btw, I love how all these sites say to just pour it into your five gallon bucket like you have one randomly sitting around.) You then let it set and mix it with a blender. (Another btw, did you know that mason jars fit on most blender heads!! That is awesome!) I am now saddened that I gave my blender away when I got my Ninja (LOVE THE NINJA THOUGH). I had to spoon everything into the food processor. I think because of this, I didn’t get the same consistency as she did. It’s supposed to come out like mayo. Mine is more like grainy butter. However, I don’t notice a problem with how it works. Because it doesn’t have the extra liquid, you put it straight into your washing machine ON TOP of the clothes. I’ve found that with a front loader I have to bury it in the clothes. Otherwise, it just gets stuck in/on my door (helped me clean the door though.)

My gritty butter version

My gritty butter version


Verdict: I have been using this for about a month now. My daughter’s white dress that seems to always be dingy is white again. I also thought I stained my favorite tank with smushed strawberries that I allowed to set in (smh!). However, it came out after sitting in my laundry pile for a few days. I was ecstatic! I am hopeful to try on my big man’s grass stained jeans. Oh, and she stated that it would clean 128 loads for $1.76 total.  What’s in the pictures above is what I have left after a month.  It seems like this would never get to 128 loads.  I wonder if it has to do with the consistency difference or because of my spoon.  The spoon (below) is most likely as I guestimate the tablespoon amount using a plastic spoon I was using as a kid spoon.  (I really need to go buy more tablespoons.)  Oh, and I like the smell of the fels nappa.  I’m not a real big fan of cleaning product smells anymore and find myself having to hold my nose when I go down those aisles at the store.  My dh says “it’s alright,” which will do for me.  He put one of those dryer bars into our dryer; so, he shouldn’t care about the smell anyways.


Come on, this could be a table spoon!

Come on, this could be a table spoon!

PS: Laundry Count – Lots and lots of dirty clothes (as you already know), two loads now to be sorted, and a load that still needs to get put away.  Don’t judge my lazy laundry, I’m workin’ on it!  (Actually, judge away, I really don’t care; my little freckles mean my laundry is never ending, I’ve accepted it).


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